We offer a variety of professional investigative services in over 50 plus countries all over the world.

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance is a key component of many private investigations: a large proportion of all the cases we take involve some form of stakeout and surveillance work. Our operatives have extensive training and experience in all aspects of surveillance (be it of persons or places.) They are able to execute a wide variety of assignments, ranging from the simple to the highly complex.

Social Media Investigations

Because people willingly put so much personal information online, social media are a key field for a private detective to investigate. The amount of information that can be gathered from a thorough search of a person’s social media is enormous. Because most people aren’t always careful about what they post – some people can be astonishingly sloppy – social media can often paint a comprehensive picture of where a person was, where the person is now – and with whom.

Missing Persons Investigations

Although law enforcement does investigate missing persons reports, they simply lack the resources to pursue fully every person who has gone missing. Moreover, only a small proportion of missing adult cases fall under the purview of the police or FBI. To be reported missing to law enforcement, specific circumstances have to be attached to the case, such as the possibility of the missing person doing harm to himself or others, the person’s having a medical condition, is the person’s being elderly or is mentally disabled. Those eventualities account for only a small fraction of actual missing persons – meaning that, in most cases, law enforcement will not be able to help you find someone who has disappeared, leaving you to your own devices.

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