Activity Checks

The Global Intelligence Bureau has an extensive experience conducting insurance fraud surveillance and activity checks.

We have the equipment and experience to conduct multiple types of video and photo surveillance. We also form a more detailed picture of a subject with activity checks.

In order to establish the activity of a subject, our investigators will perform walk-bys of a residence to determine occupancy, interview neighbors to learn of comings and goings, verify mail delivery, and check license plates of the subject’s vehicle, all in preparation for (or in addition to) personal surveillance.

Activity checks can also be useful for property owners to determine whether a house or apartment is occupied or not, and for anyone seeking to confirm the existence of activity in a particular location, or of a particular person.

We can also perform alive-and-well checks to determine that an elderly person is, indeed, alive and well. These checks are used by insurance companies to determine that benefits are not being improperly collected. They are also useful for anyone concerned about an elderly family member living in another city or state.

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