Missing Persons Investigations

How do you find a person, a family member, a friend, a business associate or a debtor who has gone missing?

You should turn to a licensed private investigator.

The Global Intelligence Bureau is well versed in the locating of missing persons and in skip trace investigations. Over the 20+ years we have been in business, we have solved missing persons cases of all varieties, finding persons in all walks of life and in seemingly every imaginable location.

Although law enforcement does investigate missing persons reports, they simply lack the resources to pursue fully every person who has gone missing. Moreover, only a small proportion of missing adult cases fall under the purview of the police or FBI. To be reported missing to law enforcement, specific circumstances have to be attached to the case, such as the possibility of the missing person doing harm to himself or others, the person’s having a medical condition, is the person’s being elderly or is mentally disabled. Those eventualities account for only a small fraction of actual missing persons – meaning that, in most cases, law enforcement will not be able to help you find someone who has disappeared, leaving you to your own devices.

Or the far more capable devices of a private detective.

A private detective possesses the skills, resources and contacts to locate people who have “disappeared.” Only a magician can disappear into thin air; most people can be found, if enough patience, effort and grit are invested in the case. A large proportion of missing people can even be found relatively quickly. Even appearing to “vanish” is difficult.

The missing persons detective requires not only top-notch investigative skills, but also, for this specialized work, a considerable degree of imagination. Missing persons investigations are not of the “just the facts, ma’am” variety, as more than facts are required to uncover someone who has willingly disappeared from his home, job, family and friends. The world is still a very large place. The key to any missing persons investigation is knowing which stones to un-turn.

Missing Children:

Thus far, we have written about missing adults. For children, the numbers are more alarming: in New York, 84,694 children were reported missing in 2016. A huge majority of those cases (81,054) involved runaways, and, of those, 54,442 eventually returned on their own. Of the remaining missing children, law enforcement was able to locate 19,052 of them – which still leaves a large number of children who remain at large.

Having a missing child can be heartbreaking. Although law enforcement is involved whenever a child is reported missing, the police may not view your case as the priority you know it to be. Bringing in a licensed private investigator is often your best option for finding your child. A private detective works for you, his time is yours, and he will be able to concentrate his efforts on your case and your case alone. With a private investigator conducting the search, you can rest assured that everything will be done to bring about the safe return of your child.

At the Global Intelligence Bureau, we appreciate how incredibly stressful it is to have a family member or loved one seemingly vanish. The clients who come to us with missing persons cases are generally turning to us as a last resort. A client in search of a missing person needs to be treated with a degree of understanding that is generally not necessary with a straightforward business client needing a building inspection. Our staff is specially trained to treat clients who come to us with a missing persons case with appropriate sensitivity.

We are optimistic when faced with missing persons cases – and we want to set our clients’ minds at ease as much as we can. Coming to us is putting your case into some of the best hands in the Country. We want to help. We CAN help.

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