GPS Tracking Systems

We are your affordable GPS device rental, GPS device sales, and GPS device installation and tracking solution. Our office has been a leader in the highest quality of GPS equipment, installation and real time solutions.

Rent a GPS tracking device with no long-term commitment, no cellular contract, no location and no ping fees. There is no need to purchase our top quality, cutting edge equipment. Just rent it as needed then return it when you are finished.

Our covert GPS tracking device solutions can be used as follows:

  • Determine infidelity in a relationship
  • Child custody – domestic matters
  • Monitor employees, singular work vehicles, trucks, equipment or an entire fleet, including rental cars or trucks
  • Track valuable equipment or important shipments
  • Monitor teenage, problem or elderly drivers
  • Security operations, executive protection and general investigations

  • Our covert rental GPS tracking device can be installed by our in-house professionals; or you can do it yourself. It comes with easy-to-use software that does all the work for you. Once the unit is installed on the vehicle or equipment, download the software and you will have the ability to view real-time route history (live route playback), stops and transits. It can even record the miles per hour (mph).

    When you rent your GPS device from us, you’re renting from true professionals!

    To get started, we suggest you contact our office and consult with one of our GPS device rental experts. We will help you decide which GPS device is correct for you. Next, you will need to complete a GPS rental contract and either email it or fax it to us.

    Your GPS device will arrive in a few days. Then, you can install it or you can arrange for one of our experienced GPS device experts to install it for you.

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