When it comes to your personal or corporate life, you deserve facts, not fiction. We are a private investigation firm that is committed to using verified databases and a catalogue of skill-sets to bring intelligence to businesses and private citizens. Our private investigators are trained to approach every case with objectivity and diversified methodology. What makes us better than the competition is a proactive and diligent approach consistently focused on customer satisfaction.


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  • Case Files Professional is a web-based Case Management Software System designed specifically for the Investigative Industry.

    Case Files Professional is a web-based case management application designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation from start to finish. Case Files will assist your company in becoming more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort. Unlike traditional tools, Case Files Professional expands the approach to case management, allowing you to create your own application, the most suitable for your activity.
  • It can be applied in all directions of activity:

    Case Files Professional allows you to create your own application, the most suitable for your organization. You can add new fields and entities to adjust the relationship between them. Thus, you can apply Case Files Professional as a case management system, or a CRM system, or combine multiple systems into one.
  • Flexible user access levels configuration:

    Users are divided into groups, such as “Administrators”, “Clients”, “Investigators” and “Case Managers” and each group has the opportunity to set up access to entities and their fields. You can limit or expand the area of responsibility of the employees, as well as for clients.
  • Report Generation:

    With Case Files Professional, you can start generate a case report with a click of the button! This is our best feature as it saves a lot of administrative time.
  • Secured Data:

    Our encrypted internet-based system is a secure and effective tool to manage and access cases from work, home or while on the road without any restrictions.

  • Supercharge your Case by reaching thousands of people.

    GlobalAlert™ is a two-way messaging platform. It allows for messages to be broadcast to any device in a specific area (like zip or post codes) to thousands of people in a short time in ANY COUNTRY AROUND THE WORLD!!
  • Our system allows for the public to respond (anonymously if they wish) with timely and important information such as a missing persons case, police emergencies and various emergency operations.
  • Built for Public Safety and Missing Persons Cases!

    GlobalAlert™ gives Public Safety officials access to the powerful communication tools used successfully in the commercial world.
  • GlobalAlert™ makes communication with your public faster and more efficient.
  • Requesting an emergency broadcast is easy!!

    You set up your emergency message using the appropriate template form.
  • GlobalAlert™ then sends your message to the targeted area (zip code or postal code) you have specified.
  • All the relevant information is maintained for you to access at any time.








Our staff draws on decades of experience in law enforcement, the insurance industry, and military service when handling any investigative or surveillance assignment. That experience prepares us for the varied circumstances encountered on a daily basis in our business.


We maintain a professional approach in all our interactions with our clients and while conducting surveillance or investigations. We hold our staff to the highest standards in all stages of an investigation; accountability, honesty and reliability describe who we are at the Global Intelligence Bureau.


This is the cornerstone of the Global Intelligence Bureau. We conduct every investigation with sound moral and ethical principles, and treat all our clients with respect, acting with honor and truthfulness as our basic tenets.


Our software is customizable and allows us to develop comprehensive investigative solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Tools like Case Files Professional™ investigation management software increase the efficiency of the investigations by improving the flow of information between staff, departments, and third parties.


GlobalAlert™ is our proprietary two-way messaging platform. It allows for messages to be broadcast to any device in a specific area (like zip or post codes) to thousands of people in a short time in ANY COUNTRY AROUND THE WORLD!!


We are dedicated to stopping the deadly compounding effect of cold cases and providing hope and resources to families affected by violent crime. The Cold Case Foundation is devoted to raising public awareness and creating partnerships to assist and provide law enforcement whatever resources are needed to bring about closure. ​


With the introduction of our first approved certification course, "New York State 25 Hour Bail Enforcement Agent Course", you will learn how to hunt down fugitives, process them in a correctional facility, conduct proper skip tracing and other online resources to collect intelligence on your person of interest, using the latest techniques and methods available.

This is just the first of MANY courses to come ranging from private investigations, social media investigations, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), investigative techniques, background investigations, skip tracing, surveillance training and much more to further your learning, your career and excel your knowledge in data mining, profiling, and intelligence gathering and analysis.


The ability to develop comprehensive investigative solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Tools like Case Files Professional management software increase the efficiency of investigations by improving the flow of information between varying staff, departments and third-parties.

  • My experience with GBI was extraordinary. They were professional, succinct and their attention to detail was second to none. Integrity is not an easy thing to find in the surveillance world, but you will find it in abundance with GBI.

    thumb Wesley Frost

    I had a great experience with this company, they got me the information I needed and more! I highly recommend them! True Professionals! Mike E.

    thumb Mike Elissa (Mikee510)

    GIB I thank you for your services. Pleasure doing business.

    thumb sy Jantar
  • Knew him from our military days. So I will always use his service. His dedication to getting the job done right is his greatest asset.

    thumb John Berg

    This company is THE BEST!!! I hired them for a personal matter involving a good amount of money and they were able to find all the information needed to win my case... they literally single handedly secured not only my future but my family's as well!!! Highly recommended!!!

    thumb Teddy Ohara

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