Child Custody Investigations

Your children mean the world to you. So child custody disputes are sad, anxiety-producing and gut-wrenching and expensive. Depending on the case, evidence of what is actually happening to your kids when the other parent has custody and/or visitation is almost impossible to obtain.

Why? Because you, the children, and the other parent all have self-interest. A court, usually reluctantly, is being asked to decide the children’s best interests. Objective evidence and testimony is often in short supply

A private investigator can provide objective evidence. We use surveillance, interviewing, electronic means and Internet techniques to put the other parent’s life under a microscope. We have experience. And, most importantly to the Court, we do not have a dog in the hunt.

Things we can find out that you can’t:

Observe the other parent anonymously, using surveillance techniques
Watch the other parent’s associates anonymously
Record the other parent’s treatment of the children
Investigate the other parent’s income-producing activities, job and/or business
Search out the other parent’s financial behavior
Investigate any possible criminal activity, drug/alcohol abuse and patterns of conduct
Profile the other parent’s stability, lifestyle, schedules
Trace your children, in abduction or abandonment cases

A team approach:

If your child custody case is already in progress, we work with your attorney, your psychologist and/or accountant. If your case has not been filed yet, we can investigate what is really going on while your children are with the other parent. Frequently it is not what you think. And often the best evidence we can ever get for you is MOST obtainable before the divorce and/or custody case is filed. It’s much wiser in the long run to hire a private investigator.

Deciding to hire a private investigator is not devious, dishonest or unfaithful. Call for a quote. We can discuss investigation and surveillance options. Turnaround time for a report depends on the length and extent of our surveillance.

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