Civil Investigations

Most of the work performed by a licensed private investigator involves the investigation of civil matters; the bulk of criminal investigations are conducted by law enforcement. If you are involved in any kind of civil matter or lawsuit in court, engaging a private detective is an essential move if you are to prevail in your action.

Court cases are settled on evidence, and evidence must be collected. Law enforcement will be of minimal assistance if no crime is involved – but an expert is nonetheless required. That expert is a licensed private detective who knows how to carry on an investigation and how to obtain evidence that will be admissible in court.

When you turn to the Global Intelligence Bureau to carry out an investigation into a civil matter , we will put the full range of our expertise and training at your disposal. There are as many ways to investigate as there are cases, and we have developed techniques and investigative protocols to suit practically any legal investigation that might arise. Part of the job of a private investigator is to know how to look. Thanks to the methods we have evolved over our many years of experience, we are experts at matching our efforts to the matter at hand. We don’t waste our time (or your money): our investigations are targeted at their object, and we pride ourselves on providing you with fast, accurate and legally admissible results.

In addition to court-admissible evidence, our team is experienced in the witness box as well. If we need to appear in court to support your case, we know how to make the best impression on judges and juries. Because we are recognized as private detectives who concentrate without bias on our investigation’s object, our agents’ testimony carries the necessary weight to help you win your case.

If you are party to a civil action, you are going to need a private investigator.

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