The Global Intelligence Bureau is an independent full service investigative agency with offices in New York City and Florida and maintain a global network of investigative and security-based resources. We provide professional advice, court proven expert witnesses and professional investigative services to private parties, employers, third party administrators, law firms, self-insured companies, major insurance companies and to corporations at large.

We are comprised of private sector investigators, retired law enforcement, military veterans, and insurance industry professionals, all with 20 years or more experience, most of which have held the position of Detective, Investigator, Adjuster or Examiner during their career tenure throughout their respective career.

We are known by our colleagues, clients and former employers as investigator's who can, "get the job done" when no one else can. We feel confident in our ability to produce quality results in any environment.

We are a full service investigative agency that is built on four key concepts: Integrity, Professionalism, Discretion and Dedication. Our mission is to build the investigative industry by raising the quality bar to its highest level in decades.

We utilize the highest quality and most effective investigative talent available in the industry today and up-to-date investigative techniques and technologies to "Reveal the Truth" contained within each and every case we work. Our tenacity for producing a thorough and accurate work product that clearly defines the facts revealed during the process of every investigation we conduct.



Founder of the Global Intelligence Bureau.

John Katehis

Director of Investigations


Field Operations Manager


Human Resources Director

Nick John Francis

Owner/Founder of the Global Intelligence Bureau.

Nick is a prior law enforcement officer, U.S. Army Veteran and Hellenic Army Veteran.
Nick entered the private investigative industry in 2009 and has worked field investigations and carried out several operations in almost every country of the world such as Russia, Greece, Poland, UK, Italy, France and Egypt to name a few.
Over a span of nearly two decades of combined experience, Nick has developed an extensive background in all aspects of investigative operations, fraud abatement services, fraud awareness training, and has become an expert in all investigation-related issues and strategies. Nick has been quoted in numerous publications, is a credited speaker and is recognized as a leader in the investigative community.
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