Alive & Well Checks

Alive and well check are basically conducted to verify if the subject’s health status, lifestyle assessment, employment status etc. We have complete expertise in conducting alive & well checks in your locale. Our investigators are highly qualified and skilled in conducting such discreet meetings, phone calls, interviews etc. We conduct civil alive & well check which can be overt or covert, we proceed according to client’s instructions. We sometimes are requested to check on a family member who lives in some other country or state, and if is cohabiting or to determine his/her health status. We are also specialized in carrying out activity check, widower’s/widow check.

When we are usually appointed for a covert operation of alive & well check, we use our specialized team of surveillance. Each of our surveillance team member is holding more than 9 years of experience, this only distinguishes us from other investigation agencies who offer surveillance as a substandard service with minimum experience. With partners/associates in more than 100 countries, we are available globally at your locale and always ready to assist you in conducting verification services. Our partners/associates are well established and carries good reputation in their respective locale. We assure of our best in class service and that too at affordable rates. After examining the case we tell our client a consolidated fee which covers all the future expenses in that particular matter and no extra charges are asked later for any case related purpose.

The factors which will be covered while conducting an alive & well check investigation, we will confirm the subject’s identity, date of birth, current address, employment status, telephone number, current medical provider, benefit check status, any other possible source of income as well as any other medications being taken by them.

A professional Alive & Well Check includes person to person contact with the subject to determine:

  • Health status of the subject
  • Medical treatment specifics
  • Current medications
  • Current employment status
  • Overall life-style judgement

  • We are here to provide best verification services in your locale. Our investigators personally meet the subject to determine his/her current health status, employment & treatment status. We ensure the subject person’s identity is verified and if required and a photograph is obtained for further processes. We also conduct activity check, in which we conduct an in-person neighborhood investigation, it may be covert or overt, and watch the subject’s activities and employment status. Widow/widower’s checks are also conducted by us covertly or overtly, to determine the current marital status of the subject.

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