Landlord/Tenant Investigations

There is a growing incidence of both landlord fraud and tenant fraud.  In this day of increasingly clever ploys, it is important to protect yourself from a host of rental scams that can leave you taken advantage of and defrauded.  The Global Intelligence Bureau provides investigative services that can help to minimize your risk, whether you’re the landlord or the tenant.

It’s always best to take measures to protect yourself before signing a Lease Agreement.  We can obtain information that will aid you in doing so.  If however, you have already signed a Lease Agreement, we represent both parties in various dispute and diligence matters.  Below are just some of our Landlord / Tenant Investigative services:

  • Tenant Background Checks & Screenings
  • Process of Service and Affidavits
  • Tenant Locates

  • Landlord Background Checks & Screenings
  • **Some landlords have a history of not returning security deposits or fraudulent accusations of tenant damages to a property, among other possible landlord fraud scams.
  • Process Service & Affidavits
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